UPTick Enterprise Solutions

Bringing the value of a low-code solution to open-source teams.

Low Code. No Cost.

UPTick is a comprehensive software suite for building custom data-driven products with minimal effort. It allows functional subject matter experts to design and implement software solutions without significant input from traditional software developers.

In contrast to other low-code platforms, UPTick is offered as free and open source software under an MIT license. The permissive terms of our open-source license lowers the barrier to entry and enables organizations of all sizes and budgets to take advantage of its capabilities.

Fully Capable.

Custom Workflows

Create applications with easily configurable, highly flexible, metadata-driven workflows aligned with your business processes.

Roles and Permissions

Manage application access with unlimited user roles and permissions, and set default values for each.

Business Intelligence

Empower users to make data-driven decisions through an intuitive reporting suite with charts, graphs, and presentations.

Data Warehouse

Collect data from many sources in a single location to give users access to the information they need to make decisions.

Document Management

Dynamically generate documents based on application data, and manage uploaded documents in an integrated repository.

Email Notifications

Send configurable emails to make sure users are kept up to date and notified of any changes in their applications.

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